South Bristol Divers Committee 
Mark Spearman
Chairman: Mark Spearman

Mark is currently a Dive Leader.

Role:  Chairs Committee meetings & Guides on club issues

Richard Yates

Club Secretary: Rick Yates

Role: Taking minutes of club meetings, ensuring club procedures are followed.

Karen Jukes

Treasurer / Membership Secretary: Karen Jukes

Karen learnt to dive in 1993 and has been a member of South Bristol Divers since 1994. In that time Karen has progressed to Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor and enjoys all the aspects of diving - teaching, trips abroad, trips to the seaside, learning about underwater fauna and flora, history of wrecks, mucking about on boats, wet and windy weekends in the pub, etc.

Role:    Looks after club funds, receiving and issue club payments. To issue and organise the completion of annual membership forms

Jas Attwal Training Officer: Jas Attwal

Jas joined the club in 2008 and is currently a qualified Dive Leader and an assistant instructor with experience of diving in the UK and overseas.

Role:    Organise and coordinate club training.

Dave Jones

Diving Officer: Dave Jones

Dave originally joined the club in 1981 but has more recently rekindled his love for diving with the company of his son. Dave has retrained on the modern syllabus and is now a Dive Leader and BSAC Instructor.

Role:    Responsible for overseeing all club diving and training and maintaining safe Diving practices.

Ian Western

Boat & Equipment Officer: Ian Western

Ian joined SBD in 1991, Ian is a BSAC Dive Leader and Instructor with many years of experience of club diving.

Role : Keep the boat and its associated equipment safe. Checking and maintaining of all the club's diving equipment.
Jerry Dark Welfare & Liaison Officer:  Jerry Dark

Jerry is a qualified Sports Diver. 

Role: To assist with and sort any issues for members, before they become a problem. To ensure adequate protection for children and vulnerable people and ensure the club operates correctly on welfare issues.
Steve Thomas
Open Member (Assistant Boat & Equipment Officer): Steve Thomas

Steve, joined the Club in 2007 and is currently working towards his Dive Leader qualification.