Already BSAC Qualified?

If you are already a BSAC diver and want to continue diving with us you are very welcome.

South Bristol Divers predominantly dive the coasts of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall from our club boat. These three counties offer an array of different sites and experiences.

Most of the clubs diving is between 0 and 40 metres and includes wrecks, reefs, shore diving, quarries, hard boats and RIB diving. We tailor diving trips to cater for all levels from newly qualified Ocean Divers to Advanced Divers.

We arrange day diving for most weekends when the weather is permitting.  On Bank Holidays we organise longer trips including accomodation to locations such as West Wales, Cornwall, and occasionally Littlehampton.

When the weather is against us we make use of the three local quarries:- Vobster (near Radstock), NDAC (Chepstow) and Cromhall (just north of Bristol). These quarries also make very good locations for training dives.

Most divers enjoy diving abroad, so we organise 1 - 2 foreign diving holidays per year. Recent trips have included locations such as Egypt, Cuba, Cyprus, Maldives and more.

Currently our membership fee for BSAC divers and renewals is £132

The Benefits of diving with South Bristol Divers are:

  • Planned dives
  • Club support
  • Range of diving buddies
  • Range of diving interests
  • Shared experiences
  • Club trips
  • Club holidays
  • Shared costs
  • Friends with common interests