About Us

Two thirds of the world is underwater.  South Bristol Divers was established in 1967 to explore the two thirds; in a time when scuba diving was still new and divers were true pioneers.

Today we are still a club made up of people taking great joy in their discovery of the magnificent underwater realm, and all the beauty and sealife it offers to  today's divers.  South Bristol Divers is a friendly and welcoming club to all types of members and personalites.  If you are over 14 years you are welcome to come along.  We offer membership for couples, families and individuals, whether you are a complete beginner, already qualified with BSAC or qualified with another diving organisation.

We are an active dive club with enthusiastic members so we are always diving as much as possible. Even when the weather is not so good we try to find a suitable diving location or revert to inland sites. We often use the shelter of inland sites for training and developing skills.

Diving day trips are conducted most weekends to locations including Devon, Dorset or local sites. Further trips such as Cornwall and Pembrokeshire are normally a weekend trip.

Our club boat allow us reach a wealth of interesting offshore sites with ease at a reasonable cost. The boat is fully equipped with all the neccessary safety, navigation and oxygen administration equipment.  From time to time we charter a hardboat to reach some of the further dive sites in comfort.

Since 1967 the club has actively trained new divers - all our instructors are highly trained, many with decades of diving experience behind them - so you can be sure you will be in safe hands.

Whether you want to improve on your existing skills, or start from the beginning South Bristol Divers can train you to become an accomplished scuba diver.

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